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Welcome to the Society of American Magicians Greater Milwaukee Area Assembly #61 website. We are based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our members meet the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM at Dicken's Grille, 9646 W. Greenfield Avenue, West Allis, WI 53214. Our meetings are open to anyone interested in magic. Our clubs purpose is to promote magic as a performing art.

Our monthly meetings consist of a variety of events: share a trick nights, activity nights, clinics, lectures, and contests. Click here for more information about us and our events. In addition to the monthly meetings, Assembly #61 provides information on magic events, including several shows each year by the club, featuring local magicians. The club welcomes all visiting magicians that come to the Milwaukee area. The club is made up of collectors, hobbyists, amateurs, and professionals. All you need to join is an interest in magic.


Wednesday, October 21st, 2020 - Kristian Charles Lecture

Spooky Magic

Who: Everyone is invited to participate (S.A.M. Members and nonmembers)
Location: ONLINE Zoom Meeting
Meeting Time: 7:00 PM

The Greater Milwaukee Area Society of American Magicians Assembly #61 presents FREE of charge to all area magicians the Kristian Charles Experience Lecture. Wednesday October 21st at 7 pm central time.

Professional magician, Kristian Charles is always the life of the party. Kristian is a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and has won numerous awards for his captivating style of magic. Kristian's high energy, interactive magic is sure to bring, not just fun, but professionalism, experience and more importantly, entertainment to your event.

The Lecture will be a mix of close up, stand up and street performing.

  • Coins across - an un gimmicked coins across routine
  • Coincidence - coins switch places in the spectators hands
  • Virginia city shuffle - a monte type routine
  • Tricky wallet - a no palming signed card to wallet effect
  • My four ace routine - a combination of 3 effects guaranteed to get reactions
  • Professors nightmare - a 3 rope routine
  • Trapped - a routine involving a deck of cards, an animal trap and a very different finale
  • Cups and balls - the cup and ball routine that I have been using for over 17 years
  • Signed bill in kiwi - can be done in short sleeves and surrounded
  • These are all tricks that I have been entertaining audiences with for over 25 years and get great reactions! The routines are designed to focus on the presentation and not the method - which, I believe, is why they get such a good reaction.
Check out his website:

- Mark Martinez

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