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Why Join SAM

The Greater Milwaukee Area S.A.M. Assembly #61 is the most active magic group in Wisconsin. We total 100+ members to date. We meet once a month having lectures, Activity nights, or Share a trick nights.

Benefits of Joining Assembly 61

  • Great Lectures
  • Activity Nights
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Members only Web site
  • Performance opportunities.
  • Access to an abundance of magic information to gain and share.
  • Last but most important FUN!!!

Over the past years we have had lectures like: (alphabetical order)

  • Rick Allen
  • Michael Ammar
  • Danny Archer
  • Jay Scott Barry
  • Bruce Bernstein
  • Jeff Bibik
  • Mark Bond
  • Christopher Carter
  • Dick de Young
  • Paul Diamond
  • Lee Earle
  • Glen Gerard
  • Docc Hilford
  • Aye Jaye
  • George Johnstone
  • Kenton Knepper
  • Mark Mason
  • David Parr
  • Pavel
  • Dan Pollack
  • David Seebach
  • Bob Sheets
  • Mark Strivings
  • and more!!!
Danny Archer
Danny Magic
David Parr
David Seebach

Where do you sign up, you ask? Click Here!
For more information, contact Bob Rath