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Zener Card ESP Test
Background Information
The Zener cards were used in forced choice experiments - ones in which the participant chose the target from a set of known possible targets. Originally used by Rhine and his colleagues, they consist of five simple symbols: star, circle. square, cross and wavy lines. The cards were shuffled, originally by hand but later by machine, and the participant then attempted to determine the order of the cards through the use of psi. In a telepathy protocol, the cards were viewed by a remote person (the sender) who attempted to 'transmit' the information to the participant. In a clairvoyance (also called general ESP, or GESP) protocol, the cards were not viewed by anyone prior to the participant's psi attempt.

In this experiment, the protocol is a clairvoyant one. When you are ready, the computer will select 25 cards at random, each of which will show one of the five Zener symbols. There are no limits to how often each symbol can be selected (i.e. the pack of cards from which the computer makes its selection is limitless!). Your task is to use psi to determine which cards have been selected. On the next screen, you will see 25 sets of 5 Zener cards. You should choose one from each set. Do this by clicking on each desired card. When you have chosen from each of the 25 sets, click on the button at the bottom of the page and you will be given your results. Please avoid pressing the 'back' button. Note that the results from this are not part of a formal series and are here only for demonstration purposes.

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